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Boots of Chinese Plastic


I Want Candy


Don't Run Wild

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You Wreck Me


Hoochie Coochie Man


Let's Go Crazy

   The Charming Bastards are four (five now) life-long musicians from Eastern Massachusetts, and we decided to start another band, because, well, there's nothing on TV, so why not?  We could have done our own music, which is complex, profoundly moving, and full of subtle artistic nuances and clever references to pop culture & politics -  BOOORINNNG! So instead we have a set of our favorite rock classics, new and old.  We like playing songs that you wish the other cover bands would play, so it's pretty fresh! Check out the vids above (or on YouTube), and the set list below, and come and see us play, 'cause we're really good and - we picked the band name for a reason ...
   When you come to a show, have your phone cams ready. If you send us a pic or a video and we use it in our website/YouTube/Facebook/Instagram social media empire, we'll buy you drinks at the next show, and give you a credit on the site. Great idea, right? We thought so.


The boys rocked the house at the Beachcomber last August! Here are some souvenir pics, suitable for framing. Perfect for the garage wall, basement stairs, or the bathroom nobody uses. Click for poster size download:


  News of the event is sweeping across our apartment! It was a thing o' beauty. The guys at Charlestown AV shot video all night, and we have postd the first three of seven vids here (look up) and on Youtube. Check 'em out, and if you like 'em, pretty please, post links wherever you can. And there's four more on the way. If you're on our e-list, We'll ping ya when they're up. If you're not on our list yet, click CONTACT up top and send us your email fer chrissakes!
   The Beachcomber gig was the offical hazing event for our newest band member, Lee Gesmer, on guitars. Lee also represents the band in all civil and criminal matters. The Jetty gig was a triumph as well! Great crowd! Bigger than Obama's! As always, it was a pleasure to work for the wonderful people running the Jetty, and we hope to return there soon. Stay tuned!  

The Charming Bastards "Rock & Roll Day Care" World Tour

February 2018
    The 16th we play the Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain with Auguste and Alden, and The Unoriginals. Check it out here, and let us know if you're gonna be there.
December 2017
    Two private parties this month! Then holiday break ...
September 2017
    Friday the 22nd we are pleased to return to The Jetty in Marshfield, Mass.. We love playing here - always a good time and a good music-loving crowd.     Come on down, and if you're cute, we'll buy you a beer.
August 2017
    Thursday August 24th at the legendary Beachcomber in Wellfleet!. We will rock the house
     at the 'Comber - it fills up every night so get there early. Show is at 10PM.
June 2017
    Got the month off - travel and spiritual development.
 March 2017
     April - booking another show at the Shamrock, date TBA.   

 random live audio:

  Born Under a Bad Sign


  Don't Keep Me Wonderin'

  I Want Candy

  Jesus Just Left Chicago

  Walkin' The Dog


  Here's a partial list of the songs you might hear at a show:

Angels Wanna Wear my Red Shoes - Elvis Costello
Radio Radio - Elvis Costello
Boots of Chinese Plastic - Pretenders
Middle of the Road - Pretenders
Mystery Achievement - Pretenders
All Day And All of the Night - Kinks
Dancing Barefoot - Patti Smith
So You Want To Be a Rock & Roll Star - Byrds
Don’t Run Wild - Del Fuegos
Are We Ourselves - Fixx
Better Now - Collective Soul
Break These Chains - Collective Soul
Look Sharp! - Joe Jackson
Substitute - The Who
Can’t Explain - The Who
Are You Gonna Be My Girl? - Jet
Born Under a Bad Sign - Albert King (Cream)
I Want Candy - The Strangeloves
Panic in Detroit - Bowie
Bohemian Like You - Dandy Warhols
Can’t Do My Homework - Perkins, Rush (J Geils)
Casino Queen - Wilco
Cracker Soul - Cracker
Dreamworld - Midnight Oil
Ever Fallen in Love - Buzzcocks
First I Look at the Purse - Smokey Robinson (J Geils)
Five Foot One - Iggy Pop
Let's Go Crazy - Prince

Low - Cracker
Lucille - Little Richard
Mary Mary - Butterfield Blues Band
Roadhouse Blues - Doors
Runaway - Del Shannon (Bonnie Raitt)
Saved By Zero - Fixx
Send Me an Angel - Robin Lane
Shakin’ All Over - Johnny Kidd (The Who)
Switchboard Susan - Nick Lowe
Sunday Papers - Joe Jackson
Thing Called Love - John Hiatt
Times Like These - Foo Fighters
Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars
Walkin' The Dog - Rufus Thomas
Vaseline Mouth - Stereo 360
You Wreck Me - Tom Petty
Won't Back Down - Tom Petty
Don't Keep Me Wonderin' - Allman Brothers
Hoochie Coochie Man - Muddy Waters
Hurricane Rain - CB's original (Herb Boers)
I’m Ready - Willie Dixon
Jesus Just Left Chicago - ZZ Top
Keep Your Hands To Yourself - Georgia Satellites
Little Child - Beatles
Slow Down - Larry Williams (Beatles)



Please feel free to contact us by email, phone, or using the form below.

ofc: 781.883.1552